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Voltage optimization is an energy saving technology that is used to regulate, clean and condition the incoming power supply in order to reduce the voltage supplied to the optimum level for the on-site electrical equipment and appliances. 

 The concept behind voltage optimization is simple. In general, power from the energy grid is supplied at a higher voltage than necessary due to old electrical distribution networks in place which were designed to operate at higher voltage levels, as well as electricity suppliers being required to ensure all buildings are supplied voltage within set parameters.


If a building is being supplied at a higher voltage than necessary it will likely result in a mass of wasted energy, excessive levels of carbon emissions, and higher than necessary electricity bills in addition to power quality issues, including increased wear and reduced lifespan of electrical equipment.


In addition to reducing energy consumption, cutting carbon emissions and providing savings on electricity bills, voltage optimization can also improve power quality by balancing phase voltages and filtering harmonics and transients from the network operators supply.


Voltage optimization technologies are typically installed in series between the distribution transformer and the main low voltage distribution board, allowing all of the consumer’s electrical equipment to benefit from an optimized power supply.


There are two types of voltage optimization system which are generally referenced when discussing this approach; ‘Fixed’ PowerStar LITE, which optimizes the voltage by a set amount and matches the incoming profile, or ‘Electronic-Dynamic’ PowerStar MAX, which uses intelligent controls to optimize the voltage and maintain it at a constant level.


For larger sites that operate their own HV/LV infrastructure, PowerStar HV MAX can be installed on the HV side to correct the incoming power supply issues at source through replacing the current HV transformer with a super-low loss amorphous core transformer and integrating this with voltage optimization technology.


Power LITE


 A fixed voltage optimization system providing a set level reduction across a     predefined tap range. The optimized voltage matches the incoming profile albeit reduced by a set amount. Typical savings delivered with the LITE system are 5-7%.


An electronic-dynamic voltage optimization system which provides additional savings and  security for sites with fluctuating voltage by automatically regulating and      adjusting voltage to maintain the optimum level. Typical savings delivered with the MAX system are 7-9%



A super-low loss amorphous core HV/LV transformer, designed to       exceed ECO Design efficiency specifications, integrated with electronic-dynamic voltage optimization technology.   Typical savings  delivered with the HV MAX system is 8-12%.


Power MAX

We adopt a concept to completion approach to all energy saving projects, working meticulously through the evaluation, analysis, project management and installation process to ensure a seamless, turnkey solution is adopted which meets the required parameters of each client.


Through this approach, we are able to gain an understanding of each client’s situation, their requirements, and expectations and through utilizing our vast experience in implementing energy saving throughout an array of industries develop the best solution for each site.


It is through this approach that we are able to offer assurances as to the savings clients will achieve through implementing our technologies, and by working alongside clients at every stage to ensure that expectations are met, are able to forge longstanding relationships.


It is our aim to ensure that all energy saving projects we fulfill are delivered with minimum fuss and maximum efficiency and pride ourselves on being able to deliver tangible results without impacting on core business operations of our clients.


Our acclaimed concept to completion approach ensures that we work alongside clients at each step of the project, to not only develop the best solution and ensure a smooth implementation and installation process, but also forge long standing business relationships and offer continued support following the installation.


A savings Measurement & Verification (M&V) service is provided with PowerStar systems offering a thorough analysis of project results to enable clients to understand the savings achieved through the installation of either a voltage optimization or energy storage technology.


LESP follows a standard methodology when providing Measurement & Verification which is carried out through a methodical framework in line with internationally recognized measurement standards such as IPMVP.


The Measurement & Verification service provided to clients has been commended as a sound and accurate procedure by independent auditors and verification specialists.


In addition to verifying savings from all installations, clients are supported with a 10-year warranty period which includes all parts and labor. Exact details and full warranty periods of each system are communicated clearly with clients as part of the proposal.


100% Savings Guarantee on Voltage Optimization Systems


All LESP voltage optimization systems (LITE, MAX, HV MAX) are supported by a 100% savings guarantee which is analyzed through the Measurement & Verification service via the 5 step process below:


1. A comparison of kWh data, 28 days’ pre-install and 28 days’ post install


2. A comparison of kWh data, 28 days’ post-install against the same dates year on year (pre-install)


3. A comparison of kWh data, 84 days’ post-install against the same dates year on year (pre-install)


4. Regression analysis based on kWh consumption and variables such as weather, holiday periods etc.


5. A verification snapshot of the savings achieved from negative power feedback (back EMF)