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LESP's Energy Efficiency retrofit for commercial refrigeration systems is an advanced energy efficiency retrofit product that can save an average of 15% kWh energy on compressor operation in even the most complex air conditioning and refrigeration systems (HVAC-R).

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Energy savings by LESP Energy Efficiency retrofits for Commercial Refrigeration Systems are achieved using the compressor optimization strategy most appropriate for the exisiting equipment. As a modular product, the LESP Energy Efficiency retrofit is customized for each installation, giving it complete compatibility with a wide range of equipment and controls.


The LESP Energy Efficiency retrofit improves the energy efficiency of commercial and industrial cooling systems like:

    *    Refrigeration racks or packs

    *    Single and multi-compressor air conditioning systems

    *    Chillers or chilled line systems

    *    Process cooling systems


Chilled Unit Energy Savers

Is a 100 year old problem costing you up to 33% of the money you spend on refrigeration?

Regrettably, most refrigerators still use air temperature as the signal to control the refrigeration cycle (i.e. when the fridge starts and stops). They have been doing that for over 100 years. But we don’t buy fridges to cool air. We buy them to cool food. So we should use food temperature as the signal to control the refrigeration cycle. Would that make a difference?

Absolutely! Air temperature rises far more rapidly than food temperature so refrigeration cycles are more frequent than they need to be to maintain the required temperature. The result is excessive energy consumption.

The Chilled Unit Energy Saver solves this 100 year old problem! It is a non-toxic wax food simulant contained in a protective enclosure that mimics food temperature. Once in place, the Chilled Unit Energy Saver transforms the fundamental operation of the refrigerator because it will now use food temperature as the signal to control its refrigeration cycle rather than changeable air temperature.

The effect is a more efficient refrigeration cycle, where the individual cycle lasts longer but the frequency is reduced by up to 80%. This can result energy savings of up to 33% without any compromise to food safety and quality.

Benefits of the Chilled Unit Energy Saver:

  • Savings of up to 33% Resulting in Swift Paybacks
  • Simple Installation with Zero Maintenance
  • Increases Equipment Lifespan, Reduces Breakdowns
  • Reduces Carbon Emissions
  • No Compromise to Food Quality and Safety - NSF Approved