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Proven Building Integration Solutions

Customizable Hardware and Software Solutions To Meet Your Needs

LESP - Energy Efficiency Service Provider LLC is proud to offer a wide variety of Open Multi-vendor Solutions. Click a link below to see each category in more detail. If it's required to run your building, let us show you how to make that happen more efficiently and seamlessly through a common web-enabled user interface.

Right now, up to 40% of your energy is going to waste. The trouble is identifying which 40%. LESP's FREE Energy Surveys can help you identify that 40%

There are many energy saving solutions / energy savers for different problems in the market, so you have to make sure you pick the right solution for your problem. Otherwise, you might end up spending thousands of dollars without seeing any change in your energy bills.

We recommend you determine first which are the biggest contributors to your energy bills and address them first, so you can have the greatest reduction in your energy spending. LESP (Energy Efficiency Service Provider) can guide you through this process with FREE Energy Surveys, and provide you with the tools and products to maximize your savings.


Define: Determining the energy spending problem you want to resolve; For example, is it an entire building, or just a specific area?

Measure: Assessing the energy performance in the defined problem area by continuously monitoring and measuring the energy usage in specific circuits.

Analyze: Reviewing the monitoring output in detail, trying to find out which the biggest contributors to your energy bills are, the energy usage pattern, etc.

Improve: Choosing the ideal energy saving solution to address the top contributors to your electricity bills. You might save tons of money just by changing some habits, which costs you nothing! Other solutions might require focusing on lighting, air conditioning, refrigeration, more efficient appliances, motors, insulation, etc. Only after the analysis, you will be able to determine your most cost-effective options.

Control: Staying on top of your energy spending after you have implemented the improvements  so they don't run out of control again! Instantly, you and/or the customers will be able to spot trends, anomalies and wastage, make decisions... and see immediate results from energy improvements you've made. You're in control.

The result? Lower costs of electricity, higher profits with a smaller carbon footprint, shorter payback times, better public perception and lower energy costs.


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