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Real-time Energy Monitoring Systems

Energy is invisible, making it difficult to control. The sad truth is we cannot manage what you cannot see!

Our Real-time Energy Monitoring System is increasingly being used as a critical element of many robust energy management programs because it makes this otherwise invisible energy now visible and thereby manageable.

By far the easiest and most cost-effective way of increasing the available energy globally is to eliminate waste, which means that we must get more from less. The cheapest unit of electricity is the one you don’t squander.

Predictably, over 40% of the energy consumed in many facilities is needlessly wasted. 

The Problem

With experience spanning two decades helping organizations and individuals save energy, the management team at LESP has identified a number of barriers to success. These problems often prevent people from perusing and enjoying the considerable benefits derivable from an energy management program.

In a nutshell these problems are caused by a combination of:

  1. The way energy is distributed on the National Grid and is subsequently ‘piped’ into your facility affords you little opportunity to manage the resource. Variable voltage for example can add significantly to the cost of operating equipment.
  2. Although energy is consumed in ‘units’ of power (kWh), tariff charges can be very complicated and there are many other parameters that will likely affect how much you finally pay. In some cases, 50% of the utility provider’s bill is for avoidable punitive charges like reactive power and maximum demand.
  3. Because energy is consumed in real time but charged for historically you have no way of knowing how much you are using at any point in time, both when the facility is staffed and open for business and when it is closed. Massive amounts of energy are often consumed needlessly when a building should in reality be closed down. High out of hours base loads often make up large portions of the bill. Also, inefficient energy hungry pieces of equipment that demand disproportional high amounts of energy in relation to the job of work they do remain unchecked.
  4. When we routinely discuss and review energy saving initiatives that have either already been implemented or being considered by clients, invariably facility owners have absolutely no idea how much energy a given device has saved or is likely to save. There is normally no way of clients verifying the efficacy of the energy saving equipment being recommended. In some cases, the wrong product on the wrong application can actually increase the energy consumption on the specific load.
  5. Even following a successful energy savings program, be that energy efficiency, cost reduction or renewable power generation, there is little to celebrate and applaud as there is no way of staff and customers being able to visualize the positive benefits. Normally the only person seeing the difference is the clerk paying the bill. 

    Understandably, businesses that have invested in energy saving initiatives need to be ‘seen to be green’ by both staff and customers alike. Information changes behavior and staff and customers can’t lend their support if they can’t visualize and see the positive results displayed.

    The Solution

    LESP is pioneering Energy Maps - a new holistic approach to energy efficiency - an ethical approach that is already helping companies around the world to progressively; control then reduce and finally eliminate their energy costs.

    The unique REAL TIME ENERGY MONITORING SYSTEM solution is pivotal to each stage of the Energy Maps formula.

    The solution comprises of a flexible range of web-enabled class-1 digital meters, coupled to a bespoke computer interface that disaggregates and processes data on your energy consumption second-by-second. This information is exported to the world wide web enabling you to visualize and analyze your energy profile on a PC, laptop or mobile device from anywhere in the world.

    The REAL TIME ENERGY MONITORING SYSTEM cloud-based platform provides both instantaneous real-time and analytic information via salient graphical displays that put you in control of your energy costs and your carbon footprint, because REAL TIME ENERGY MONITORING SYSTEM makes the invisible energy leaks now visible. You will be able to see exactly where your energy is going, second by second, and this empowers you to prevent waste and make substantial savings.

    The benefits you could experience with REAL TIME ENERGY MONITORING SYSTEM include:

    • Easily Identify Saving Opportunities of up to 40%
    • Expose Energy Abusing Equipment
    • Eliminate Out of Hours Waste
    • Prove the Efficacy and ROI of Energy Saving Products and Solutions
    • Engage Users and Improve Efficiencies with Real-time Energy Displays
    • Help to Target Continual Reductions with Historical Analysis Tools                                                                                                                

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