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Hi-Tech Greenhouses


New greenhouses are designed according to the newest guidelines manufactured in-house and built by LESP - Van den Berg Group.Thanks to slim constructions, the interception of light is reduced to a minimum. Technical systems can be optimally integrated in the design. LESP - Van den Berg Group continues to raise the bar. Combined with an innovative glasshouse roof you are ensured of the ideal production facility for your crop and of a good investment for the future.

Our Experience

There is a customised solution in every type of greenhouse. LESP  - Venlo-greenhouses can be delivered in all thinkable sizes, post heights and glass sizes. LESP - Van den Berg Group have also gained a lot of experience in open-roof systems and greenhouses with solar panels. Solar greenhouses is an innovation which is quickly developing. When it comes to wide-span greenhouses or screen halls, you can also go to Van den Berg Group.

Shading Systems

Shading systems, quick installation, saving energy up to 65 %

Van den Berg Group has been specializing in greenhouses in the broadest sense of the word for more than 30 years.

We have a unique alliance. On one hand, because we are known as the turn-key specialist, on the other because we can also deliver high-quality technical systems. LESP - Van den Berg Group offers both new and reconditioned materials.

We deliver the complete range of greenhouses and technical systems. With our highly motivated team, supported by local partners, we assemble greenhouses in more than 30 countries. We always keep an eye out for the latest innovations, which characterize the horticultural sector.

Our products and services

  • Horizontal screen systems
  • Energy saving screens
  • Sun shading screens
  • Black-out screens
  • Roller screens
  • Twin screens
  • Outdoor screens and screen halls
  • Insect screens

    Fertiliser and Climate Control

    After many years of development we are bringing a steering system for your greenhouses with all the possibilities - compact, fast and always up to date. The system does not need any updates as we do them for you.

    The system is inexpensive, reliable and always available for you to check the activity in your greenhouses.

    The application is available for all platforms, including smartphone, tablets and computers. We offer you a 24/7 service.


    Customized Solutions

    LESP - Van den Berg Group design custom systems for any nursery, ensuring that the moving benches offers the grower true improvement in all respects. The systems realize substantial savings on labor as the plants can be placed in any required space in the glasshouse and working area. Moreover, the systems allow optimal space utilization.

    LESP - Van den Berg Group manufactures systems for manual use, semi-automatic use or fully automatic use.

    Roll Top & Fixed Bench Systems

    Roll Top Benches or Fixed Benches are the perfect solution for certain cultures. The benches are available in any size and ideally suitable for both small and large nurseries.

    Roll Top Benches are used for quick harvesting of large quantities or when several people have to be working in the greenhouse simultaneously. The benches allow optimal space utilization and provide a comfortable working height.

    LED Lighting Solutions for Horticulture

    LESP has extensive expertise and experience of using both conventional lighting and state-of-the-art LED technology for horticultural purposes.

    Together with growers, breeders and partners, we can provide optimum light recipes to save energy and make production more profitable. The light recipe depends on a great many factors, such as the specific strain of plant, the geographical location, the type of greenhouse, the overall energy and heat balance, etc. All of these factors have to be taken into account when determining the right light recipe and will also influence the type of lighting installation required.

    Light recipes will continue to develop in the years ahead and need to be tailored to suit the type of business and the setup in which the plants are grown. Our lighting specialists will therefore be pleased to come and advise you on what will work the best in your specific circumstances


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