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Energy Efficient Incentive Programs

Incentive programs are available in all 50 states, but state and federal regulations can vary widely both in how to get started and type  of incentive.

Energy Efficiency Service Provider (LESP) works directly with your local utility company to identify and maximize rebate potential. Our experience and expertise in working with local utility companies throughout the  nation, helps to ensure you are getting optimal savings and it also minimizes your investment in time and resources that can be spent in navigating through the details of incentive programs qualification and implementation.

To learn more, select your state from this link to  see what financial incentives may be available for your company.


Re-lamping with more efficient linear fluorescent lighting can be an easy path to annual energy savings.

OFFICE building with Energy Efficient Luminaires

Top Five Reasons Building Owners and Operators Should Seek a Professional Assessment

Building owners and operators are becoming increasingly aware of the impact lighting can have on energy costs and the way it can contribute to savings. But the best lighting technology for each application must first be identified before maximum savings can be achieved.

To help explain the importance of such an assessment, experts with LESP have identified five reasons why building owners and operators should seek a professional lighting audit to help achieve an ideal office lighting design and maximize energy efficiency.

Energy and cost savings await

 According to the Building Operating Managers Association, utility expenses have grown 9 cents per square foot during the last 14 years. A lighting audit can compare energy usage rates and explore more efficient alternatives to a property’s existing technologies, indoors and out.

Also, in addition to energy savings, rebates on LED ligting help reduce initial costs. While requirements vary based on local programs, LESP helps identify eligibility and discover these additional savings.

Stricter efficiency standards

 According to the Environmental Protection Agency’s National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency, energy consumption in buildings accounts for two-thirds of the total electricity demand in the United States. To address and reduce this demand, federal, state and local governments have established codes requiring more energy-efficient practices in both existing buildings and new construction. LESP professional lighting audit takes into account all applicable regulations.

Good lighting makes a great impression

 The Illuminating Engineering Society of North America recommends a 30-50 foot-candle (fc) range for ambient (general) office lighting, yet many workspaces are lit to 60 fc. Over-lighting can mean higher energy costs for companies.

The California Lighting Technology Center and the California Energy Commission PIER Program found that utilizing low energy-consumption, LED-based localized task lighting as the primary layer of light resulted in a 50-percent savings in office lighting energy usage and user satisfaction—evidencing the extent to which a simple lighting design change can make a significant difference.

Maintenance costs


Replacing current lamps with long-life energy-efficient lamps can lead to considerable maintenance savings, particularly in areas with difficult-to-access lamps. A professional lighting audit can help identify where installing new fixtures or re-lamping may reduce maintenance costs over time.

Environmental sensitivity is here to stay

Practices aimed at improving a company’s environmental performance are commonly becoming part of the culture of companies. Efficient, well-designed lighting is an important piece of this picture, and a professional lighting audit can help a company achieve its goals for greater energy efficiency.

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